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Faculty member heads comprehensive look at sport in Latin America

A West Virginia University faculty member has gathered an extensive group of experts to examine how sport is organized in Latin America. This is the first book of its kind to be published in English to offer a sweeping analysis of sport in the vast region.

Gonzalo Bravo, associate professor in sport management, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, is the lead editor of  Sport in Latin America. Policy, Organization, Management, a book  recently published in London and New York by Routledge.

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Wearable technology helps athletic performance

A pair of CPASS faculty members have blended technology with sports science and performance to help improve coaching results. Clarksburg, W.Va. television station WDTV 5 included Roch King and Clayton Kuklick’s work in their three-part series on wearable technology which aired last fall. 

King and Kuklick, athletic coaching education faculty members, used Google Glass technology, an optical head-mounted display designed in the shape of a pair of eyeglasses, while working with the WVU baseball club last spring. They put the Google Glasses on some of the pitchers to observe what they were seeing. 

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A place to play and learn

In 2015, the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences made history. It became one of just 13 programs in the country to be selected by the National Inclusion Project to implement a program designed to break down barriers between those living with disabilities and those without through one simple, yet powerful, everyday activity — play. 

The National Inclusion Project’s program model, called Let’s ALL Play, has since been incorporated into the College’s already diverse Lifetime Activities (LA) offerings, creating new environments where children with disabilities ranging from autisum to ADHD can play and benefit from interaction with their non-disabled peers — and vice versa. 

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