CPASS graduate honored in Racquet Sports Industry magazine

Tyson Thompson WVU graduate

Tyson Thompson, sport management MS 2010 graduate, was honored by a national tennis magazine for his contributions to the United States Tennis Association. Thompson is the USTA community program and training coordinator in North Carolina. 

Racquet Sports Industry magazine recently released their annual “30 Under Thirty” list recognizing members in the tennis community who are helping the industry grow.

“To be included on the list of “30 under 30” is very humbling. It’s something I look forward to building off of to help continue growing our sport moving forward,” Thompson stated.

“The personnel I work with on a daily basis provide me with opportunities and have just as much passion and interest in tennis that I do. This is very much a team recognition in my eyes but something I am very honored to receive,” he added.

Thompson coordinates and expands the USTA and the National Junior Tennis and Learning programs statewide. He will promote the QuickStart Tennis system in after-school and camp programs, along with local parks and recreation departments.

QuickStart Tennis was introduced by the USTA in 2008 as an innovative play format to encourage children up to 10 years-old to play tennis. The USTA calls the format one of the “most significant moves ever to introduce tennis to youth.”

Tyson plans to work with community tennis associations and their local volunteers to coordinate and maintain tennis programs and services.

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