WVU Sport and Exercise Psychology program will host anger management authority

Dr. Mitch Abrams

The WVU Sport and Exercise Psychology program will host Dr. Mitch Abrams, Friday, April 3, 2015, 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in the CPASS building, room 103. As an expert in effective anger management practices in athletes, Dr. Abrams’ presentation will focus on problems with anger management in sport along with the belief that anger is a problem and it must be eradicated in order to be successful. Abrams believes that the work starts with normalizing anger, teaching one to own it, and then learning how to adjust the intensity of it to the level that would be most helpful for the task at hand, whether in sport or in other aspects of one’s life.

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Graduate sports management students present data analysis

Sport management graduate students

After six months of hard work, West Virginia University graduate sports management students were rewarded with a trip to New York to present their research findings. Eleven students in the Sports Marketing Research Methods/Sports Poll class, taught by Dallas Branch, associate professor of sport management at WVU, showcased their work in a presentation for Kantar Media on March 2.

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CPASS students among winning SGA party

WVU students

On March 5, the results of the 2015 West Virginia University Student Government Association elections were officially announced. The election was a clean sweep, with all 19 winners belonging to the Make a Difference (MAD) Movement. Four College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences students with unique platforms for WVU are among the newly elected MAD Movement.

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