CPASS graduate finds success through local soccer club

Kowisky smiling in front of a soccer field Pursuing his dreams while making an impact. That’s what student, Andre Kowisky has been doing since graduating with a master’s degree from WVU. Kowisky transitioned from CPASS to growing his role as a coach for the Morgantown United Soccer Club in Morgantown, WV.

Kowisky received his bachelor’s degree in physical activities and sport science from Universidade Vila Velha (UVV) located in his hometown of Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, Brazil. He then pursued his education in the United States, graduating from CPASS this May with an MS in athletic coaching/performance coaching.

Now, as director of coaching for Mountaineer United Soccer Club, he supervises soccer development for the nearly 1,400 players who make up the youth division at MUSC and helps the 600 adult players registered with the club.

“I always played sports, and being from Brazil, soccer was always number one,” explained Kowisky. “I believe it was a natural transition from being a player to develop the desire to become a coach.”

Kowisky explained that being a soccer coach is rewarding. “The dynamic of the sport keeps challenging you to improve. No game plan or practice session will work forever. You have to constantly assess what you are doing, how players respond to it, how other teams respond to it and how you can make it better,” Kowisky explained.

Kowisky feels that CPASS has prepared him for his success as a coach and helped him gain the opportunity to work with MUSC.

“I like to think that every professor was a mentor, but the main person who was extremely important for being where I am now was Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach,” said Kowisky. “Their connections to MUSC, especially Dr. Dieffenbach, provided me with the opportunity of working with the club since the beginning.”

Kowisky began coaching for the MUSC during his first semester of the WVU Athletic Coaching master’s program and has now been involved with the club for two years.

“As coach, I am a lifelong learner,” Kowisky added.

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