CPASS faculty member guides WVU weightlifters at national competition

Dr. Hornsby coaching a female weight lifter Guy Hornsby, teaching assistant professor, Athletic Coaching Education, serves as the volunteer head coach for West Virginia Weightlifting, a USA Weightlifting registered club and WVU Sport Club. Weightlifting is contested both nationally and internationally. Established competitions include the Pan American Championships and World Championships along with the Summer Olympic Games program.

West Virginia Weightlifting saw two WVU students, Khlaed Almenaies (56kg) and Aaron Snoberger (77kg) competing at the 2016 National University Championships in New Orleans, LA, this September.

Hornsby has extensive involvement in the sport of weightlifting. He previously served as a sport scientist for the weightlifting team at the United States Olympic Committee Designated Olympic Training Site at East Tennessee State University (2010-2013) and prior to that was an assistant coach for Stoneage Weightlifting Club in Johnson City, TN (2008-2010).  

As an athlete, Hornsby competed at national level meets for several years (2007-2012). Hornsby is actively engaged in weightlifting related research, recently being a member of the Sport Science Staff for the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships in Houston, TX.

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