Mentor helps grad realize his career passion

Trotto taking a picture with 2 football players behind him Armand Trotto, athletic coaching education graduate, has earned a sports performance coaching position with Parisi Speed School, at Healthquest in Flemington, NJ. Trotto trains athletes of all ages and sports.

“At Parisi we run classes for groups of athletes ages 7-11 in our Jump Start program. We have classes for our athletes, ages 12-14, in our Total Performance 1. Lastly, we have classes for our athletes who are ages 15 and up called Total Performance 2,” said Trotto. 

Trotto credits WVU in helping him begin his career. Kristen Dieffenbach, associate professor, CPASS athletic coaching education, served as his mentor. “I met Dr. Dieffenbach during a guest speaker event in one of my pre-major classes. I talked to her afterward, telling her what my passion for this major was. She took me under her wing to help me achieve my dreams. I met a bunch of great coaches along the way,” explained Trotto.

Trotto says his high school performance coach, John Dohanhic, inspired him to go into coaching.

“During the off-season that year I had the opportunity to train with John trying alternative training styles. The more I learned and saw my skills improving the more I started to think about doing this and the rest is history,” Trotto said. 

Trotto hopes to one day become a head strength and condition coach at the Division 1 or professional level.

“There will always be obstacles, especially for someone who did not play a collegiate sport, but any opportunity that you can get you just have to go for it and see where it can take you, “ added Trotto. 

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