PETE major uses classroom strategies to lead on the ice

Matt Strober portraitMatt Strober, physical education and teacher education major, is serving as the captain of WVU’s D3 Ice Hockey Team for the 2016-2017 season.

Strober, who has been captain twice before, is eager to once again take the helm. He is in the midst of his senior season with WVU Ice Hockey.

“Some of the responsibilities that come with being the captain of the team include making sure everybody is focused on achieving the same goal and just setting an example for the younger guys on the team,” said Strober.

“We have a very young team with a lot of freshman who have never played at this level before so, as captain, I think it is important to make sure that I set the tone and give everything I have because they will follow,” he explained.

Strober credits his classes and major for helping him become a leader around the team. “I think that my education as a PETE major has definitely helped me to become a captain. Teaching physical education in the schools has really helped me learn how to be a leader and has also helped me mature. I have learned a lot of different strategies in the classroom that I use when I am at the hockey rink,” Strober added.

Strober is expected to graduate in May 2017 and hopes to continue his work within the physical education field. He wants to eventually use his leadership abilities and education within the coaching industry. He says his experiences both on the ice and off will help him achieve that goal. 

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